Every year, City Football Foundation, part of City Football Group, organise the Cityzens Giving Young Leader Summit. For the fifth summit, 66 Young Leaders from all over the world travelled to Manchester for extensive training in community football coaching. During the week they explored how social impact and education focused football sessions can be used to develop leadership and communication skills, as well as challenging them with new ways to engage diverse groups of young people.

Valeria is 23 and lives in Mexico City. She believes that the sessions were very broad and dynamic and will help her to teach to different age groups.

My role in this project was to showcase the motivations of these extraordinary young people. I created a set of twitter cards, that were designed to introduce the Young Leaders to City’s online audience and showcase their local and global community work.

14 posts across six days were published on Manchester City’s main and regional Twitter accounts. Bespoke Twitter cards were designed for New York City FC and Melbourne City’s FC social media channels also to fit with their branding and voice. The posts received 3,600+ likes and 400+ retweets across five channels.

Each graphic provided an opportunity to bring the experiences of these young people to life, some of whom had never left their country before this event. It enabled City Football Foundation an opportunity to highlight their partnerships with specific projects with organisations including SAP and overall Summit partner, Etihad Airways.

Are you interested to do something similar for your event? I’m here to help. Drop me a line and we’ll start from there!

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