The last topic of my #UOSM2008 journey was a very special opportunity to take advantage of the best practice examples assimilated along this module. Furthermore, the subject – my favourite since I started this module was very engaging and offered various approaches.

Being my last article, I tried to use the elements that worked the best for me in the previous articles. These are presented in the following infographic.

Furthermore, I used a diverse mix of visuals including video, presentation, infographics and illustrative pictures. I consider that my audience once again appreciated their use, as the feedback received through the impressive number of comments was very positive. Thereby, I consider that I managed to meet the objective from here, maximizing the discussion level on this post.

Looking at the content covered by the article, I initially offered a broader perspective of the topic, focusing then on the impact of open access on certain cultures and the arts industry. This last section encouraged me to exchange some tweets with one of my favourite music artists, Andrew Applepie.

Despite reading many quality articles, two of them stood out for me. Firstly, Caiti looked at several perspectives of the use of open access, with an emphasis on education. This gave me the chance to engage in an exciting discussion with her, which explored some possibilities for the academic journals’ future, if open access would be adopted. Secondly, Catherine looked at open access’ impact in education, making a very effective use of visuals.

A concise summary of my favourite contributions made in our community is illustrated below.

All in all, this topic gave me the chance to meet all the targets set in the previous reflective posts. With an increased number of comments, all of them appreciated my use of visuals or the structuring of my post. I consider that I managed to finish with a step forward, being me certain of my personal development since the start of Living and Working on the Web.

Word count: 330

My comments can be viewed here:

Caiti’s blog
Catherine’s blog

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