As I’ve previously mentioned in the Topic 1 – Reflection, being part of the #UOSM2008 community is a valuable resource. The Online Identity topic was extremely generous and it could be addressed from multiple perspectives. However, it was extremely well covered by our team of bloggers, who analysed the problem in original ways.

One of the videos on this topic that captured my interest was discovered on Carolina’s blog. By exploring other posts I’ve seen that other peers used it too. I appreciated it for answering the question ‘Who is the real you?’ in a very creative way. Furthermore, exchanging thoughts with Carolina in the comments section of her blog led to a valuable consensus – social networks can be used in a positive way: to build a digital identity, which can be strongly linked to our personal brand.

I enjoyed Eloane’s post because it analyses the Online Identity matter from a marketers’ perspective, which is relevant for me. By discussing with her, we found influencers’ reviews on certain products useful and sometimes even triggering. Though, even if it’s done by people with very strong online identities and well-established personal brands, the excessive advertising leads to contempt.

On my blog, I had several comments which appreciated the effective use of visuals. I was happy to reply to my peers’ thoughts, in order to improve their understanding of some aspects of my post. Their questions have also given me the chance to cover some aspects of the topic which continued ideas from my post.

All in all, the interactions within our community helped me to reflect on the topic and discover some aspects that I wasn’t aware of before. In this topic, I aimed to define several concepts as online, authentic, and anonymous identities and to determine my online identity. In general, I am happy with my progress in the last two weeks, but I am looking forward to creating more unique and captivating posts in the weeks to come.

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My comments can be viewed here:

Carolina’s blog

Eloane’s blog


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