In my reflective summary for Topic 2, I aimed to improve the quality of my future posts by producing more engaging articles. Even if I believe that this week I made better use of visual, incorporating them more effectively in my post, I consider that I tried to boost my article by making it more appealing to the community.

The title of my post: ‘Make it count.’ was an idea that I tried to develop with several arguments along the article. Alex appreciated this in his comment. Furthermore, Twitter was a very useful tool for this topic, which allowed me to make better use of our #UOSM2008 community. For example, I used the case of Barack Obama in my article and I tried to drive Twitter users to it using the following question:

Regarding the topic, I managed to draw the following conclusions, most of them linking the online professional profile and employability. I commented on a few blogs, and in Scott’s and Alex’s cases I reported to their previous articles.

From an employer’s perspective, Sarah’s reply to my tweet is a quite accurate description.

On the other hand, the article shared by Carolina can be considered a useful guide for an employee.

For an audit of your Personal Brand, I recommend the following checklist.

Source: Huffington Post

I challenged Wei and Scott to do it and the experience was quite stimulating for them.

The comments on my blog were constant in number compared to the last week and they were followed up by interesting remarks.

I consider that this week saw me recording a significant improvement as a community member. Furthermore, the goal from Topic 2 Reflection of creating more captivating posts was archived by using new techniques and making better use of visuals. However, I don’t want to stop here and I hope that in the following weeks I will manage to make more people comment on my posts.

Word count: 318

My comments can be viewed here:

Scott’s blog
Alex’s blog

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