Topic 4 was another successful step in my development process as a digital resident. In my most recent article, I tried to approach the topic in a more unique way. Thereby, I looked at the sharing economy and its impact on the business world, with an emphasis on ethical issues and the legal shortcomings. This was appreciated by Rebecca in her comment.

For the first time, the title didn’t address directly to the reader, aiming to show that the sharing economy has a dark side supporting the argument that this economic model shouldn’t be entirely adopted by our society. My starting point was represented by the recommended articles and some of the ones from the previous topics.

In the article, I used more videos than usual, as I thought that the ‘sharing economy’ concept might be new to some of the readers and this was the easiest and most comprehensive way to introduce it.

I tried to capture the activity of our community that seemed the most interesting to me in the following infographic.

Most of the articles in our community looked at issues raised by the business use of social media. I included Sharon’s article in this category and I appreciated it because it looked at the online privacy from a business perspective. On the other hand, Cherie chose to look make a comprehensive analysis of the educational use of social media.

Twitter was again an excellent channel of exchanging information. Using it, I gained more knowledge on the introduction of social media in education and learnt new things about how information is collected by CCTV and used for commercial purposes.

Despite not meeting the comments target set in my last reflective post, I consider the article from this week a satisfactory sequel of my previous ones. I consider that I improved the use of visuals even more, trying new tools to generate them, but probably the uncommon topic that I chose was not that appealing to my audience.

Word count: 330

My comments can be viewed here:

Sharon’s blog
Cherie’s blog

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